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Quick Connect Huddles was created by Dr. Derrick Alger & his team to address the critical need to fight burnout among physicians.  Given that physicians face one of the highest rates of suicide among all professions, our mission is clear: to provide a quick and meaningful way for physicians to connect with their colleagues. 

One-year collection of QC Huddles.

Every medical team should be having team wellness meetings, but it can be challenging and time-consuming to come up with engaging topics for every meeting. Quick Connect Huddles offers a solution: a 12-month program to help your medical team connect and thrive.

With Quick Connect Huddles, you'll get monthly content and support to make your wellness meetings a success and improve collegiality on your team. Join Quick Connect Huddles today and prioritize the well-being of your medical team.

  • 12 months of content for engaging meetings promoting connection among colleagues

  • No prep work required!

  • Enhance collegiality and reduce burnout

  • Prioritize your team's well-being with QC Huddles

Why connection matters.

Connection is essential for a thriving medical team. When physicians feel connected to their colleagues, they are more likely to feel supported and less likely to experience burnout.

A strong sense of connection can also lead to improved job satisfaction and better patient care, as physicians who feel connected to their team are more likely to be engaged and motivated.

Quick Connect Huddles are designed to help medical teams connect and thrive. The program provides monthly content and support to make wellness meetings a success and improve collegiality on your team.

With Quick Connect Huddles, you can:

  • Proactively combat burnout

  • Enhance physician well-being

  • Forge bonds with colleagues who understand the unique challenges you face

  • Increase physician retention

Hi there, my name is Derrick Alger, I am a family medicine physician practicing as a hospitalist in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

My wife, Kylie, and I are parents of four young kiddos under the age of seven. Life gets busy, and although I'm not a big fan of meetings, I have found that taking time to connect with my colleagues has been a crucial component contributing to my overall health and well-being.

The irony in healthcare is that, despite our commitment as physicians to others' well-being, our own health, happiness and well-being often suffers.

The idea of Quick Connect Huddles was born during the pandemic as many physicians were struggling with burnout. I was asked to lead a meeting on resiliency. Given the high census and crunched for time, the first idea for a "Quick Connect" was born. After discussing the mission with my wife for delivering something meaningful, interactive, and time-conscious, the very first huddle took place within our small group talking about "Surge Capacity."

The idea came to surface

Quick Connect Huddles was born during the COVID-19 pandemic, out of necessity.  Many physicians during the pandemic, including myself, were struggling with burnout. I was asked to give a talk to help with resiliency. Given the high census, and crunched for time, the first idea to "quickly connect"  was born. After discussing the mission with my wife to deliver something meaningful and time-conscious, the very first huddle took place when I read an article my wife and her mom wrote about "Surge Capacity." 

We then created a worksheet with reflection questions to go along with the article and realized that the Read, Reflect, Connect format worked really well. Our group was talking and connecting more than we had in a while. My team asked me to present another article topic for the following month, and then that's when I thought, “Hey! If we can do this for our hospital, we could do this for every hospital!”

The Quick Connect (QC) Format

Dr. Derrick Alger has structured each “Quick Connect” based on his successful approach to fostering connectivity among his colleagues. The QC format comprises three key elements: Read, Reflect, and Connect.


The team leader guides the group in reading aloud a curated article on health and wellness, selected to spark meaningful reflections.


Each team member answers three thought-provoking reflection questions, encouraging personal insight and introspection.


QCs provide a dedicated space and time for physicians to share insights and build a supportive community based on the reading and reflection they've experienced together.

Physicians on our team have been participating in these “huddles” since 2022.

This format has led to more engaging conversations and group discussions than previous activities. 

We firmly believe that healthcare is a team sport. Many different people need to work synergistically together for the benefit of one patient.

Interacting with peers through monthly “huddles” will help your team become stronger and more resilient, as you navigate the ever-changing landscape of healthcare.

Our mission with Quick Connect Huddles is to cultivate a culture of connectedness and collegiality among colleagues. We believe that the addition of consistent huddles, with custom, curated wellness content will help foster more meaningful connections among providers.

Let’s go, Team!

Derrick Alger, M.D. & the QC Team

By providing a space for colleagues to connect in a vulnerable and authentic manner, you're fostering a sense of community and support that is essential for combating burnout and promoting overall well-being.

1. What are Quick Connect Huddles (QC Huddles)?

Quick Connect Huddles are short monthly gatherings designed for medical teams to connect and discuss well-being topics, addressing burnout and fostering collegiality.

2. How long do Quick Connect Huddles last?

Huddles typically last less than 30 minutes, providing a quick yet impactful opportunity for medical professionals to engage in meaningful discussions.

3. Who can participate in Quick Connect Huddles?

Quick Connect Huddles are open to all members of the medical team, including physicians, nurses, residents, and other healthcare professionals. However, to get the most benefit, we suggest huddles within the same disciplines, ie: nurses with nurses, doctors with doctors, etc. 

4. What topics are covered in Quick Connect Huddles?

Quick Connect Huddles cover various well-being topics relevant to healthcare professionals, such as stress management, resilience, and work-life balance.

5. How are Quick Connect Huddles conducted?

Quick Connect Huddles follow a simple format: Read, Reflect, Connect. Participants read a curated article, engage in reflective exercises, and share insights to foster a supportive community.

6. What are the benefits of participating in Quick Connect Huddles?

Participating in Quick Connect Huddles can lead to reduced burnout, enhanced well-being, improved job satisfaction, and strengthened team connections.

7. What problem is Quick Connect Huddles solving?

Quick Connect Huddles address the critical issue of burnout among physicians and healthcare professionals. With one of the highest suicide rates in any profession, physicians urgently need a means to connect with colleagues and combat feelings of isolation.

8. How can our organization get started with Quick Connect Huddles?

Reach out to our team to learn more and discuss customizing Quick Connect Huddles for your organization. We'll provide all the resources and support needed to implement the program successfully.

It just takes one.

Dr. Alger discovered meaningful conversations happened after just one person was willing to be vulnerable with the group. After one person opens up, it allows others to do the same.

When team members feel safe enough to be vulnerable with one another, they can openly share their challenges, mistakes, and emotions without fear of judgment or reprisal. This level of openness allows for deeper connections, more effective communication, and better support among colleagues. In the high-stakes and often emotionally taxing environment of healthcare, fostering vulnerability can lead to increased resilience, improved job satisfaction, better patient care, and ultimately personal health and well-being,

The Solution we are Offering

Elevate your physicians' well-being with 12 months of our custom Quick Connect Huddles. This ready-to-engage package provides curated content from our QC  team to foster connections among colleagues and help reduce feelings of isolation and burnout. 

Let’s together take proactive steps to address burnout and prioritize the mental health of physicians.

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